Plenary Speakers 2016 | Symposia Presenters | 1
Confirmed speakers include the following presenters

Dr Damien Stark - Pathogenicity of Dientamoeba fragilis
Division of Microbiology, Sydpath, St. Vincent's Hospital

SydPath’s Molecular Diagnostic Medicine Laboratory provides a fully integrated multidisciplinary laboratory service focused on diagnosis and management of infectious diseases, pharmacogenomics and cancer biomarkers. A wide variety of high throughput ‘state of the art’ real time nucleic acid amplification techniques provide rapid result for management of complex life threatening infections such as cytomegalovirus infection in solid organ and bone marrow transplant recipients, HIV and viral hepatitis virus load, multiplex detection of herpesvirus infections, HPV typing, polyomaviruses and bacterial sexually transmissible infections.

Professor Mark Morrison - The gut microbiome
University of Queensland Diamantina Institute
Research Area: Microbial Biology and Metagenomics
Keywords: Genomic epidemiology, Metagenomics

We use DNA sequencing technologies, as well as other microbiological and genetic methods to produce new insights into the microbial world. When used together, microbial biology and metagenomics offer new ways to study whole communities of microbes within their natural environments, especially the crosstalk they engage in with the host.

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