Preliminary Program
The 5th Molecular Microbiology Meeting - Preliminary program and sessions for MMM 2016.

Themes and Session topics for the 5th Molecular Microbiology Meeting include:

Emerging viral threats
Parasite pathology
Diagnostic Laboratory Management Molecular Bacteriology
Enteric infections GAS genetics and epidemiology
See also the speakers' pages for additional information


  1. Parking Details / 10. P10A and Overflow
  2. PARKING BAYS P10A and the Overflow will be available for parking (see map)
  3. Parking permits will be available from on-site parking attendant if parking bays are full.

Confirmed Plenary speakers include:

Dr Randall Olsen - Houston Methodist Hospital

Randall will be speaking on "Application of NGS in the Clinical Laboratory". The research in the Olsen laboratory is focused on studying the molecular pathogenesis of invasive group A Streptococcus (GAS) infections such as necrotizing fasciitis (NF, also termed the flesh eating infection). During the past several years, there have been marked advances in the study of GAS genetics and epidemiology, but overall knowledge of the key molecular pathways and host-pathogen interactions mediating GAS virulence in invasive deep soft tissue infections remains largely incomplete. more...

Prof. Stephen Baker - Nuffield Department of Medicine, Oxford University
Research Area: Global Health | Technology Exchange: Bioinformatics

Stephen is a PI from the Nuffield Department of Medicine and will be speaking on "enteric infections". He is a Wellcome Trust/Royal Society funded molecular microbiologist based at the Wellcome Trust Major overseas programme (WT-MOP) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He has been at the WT-MOP since November 2007 and is the head of the enteric infections research group. He holds an Oxford University research lecturer position. His group studies the microbiology, genetics, epidemiology and treatment of enteric infections in developing countries. Focal pathogens include: Norovirus, Shigella spp. and Salmonella Typhi, the causative agents of diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid fever, respectively. more...

Confirmed Symposia presenters

A/Professor Martyn Kirk - The Australian and global burden of foodborne disease
ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment
- Houston Methodist Hospital

Dr Kathryn Holt - Genomic analysis of antimicrobial resistance in Klebsiella pneumoniae
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Melbourne

A/Professor Ruitling Lan - Bordetella pertussis epidemics
School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, University of New South Wales

Dr Damien Stark - Pathogenicity of Dientamoeba fragilis
Division of Microbiology, Sydpath, St. Vincent's Hospital

Professor Mark Morrison - The gut microbiome
University of Queensland Diamantina Institute

Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Sessions are held in the Pond Rooms; Posters are housed with the Exhibition in the Lakeside Room, with drinks and canapés out on the sunset Terrace.

0900   Bus departs Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport for WatervieW
0900   Registration open, Arrival coffee
1000 - 1700   Sessions, Trade, Posters, teas and lunch

0955   Convenors' Welcome - Keith Stanley | Jon Iredell
Session 1
  Molecular Bacteriology | Chair: Jon Iredell
1000   Sebastian van Hal | RPA Sydney, NSW Vancomycin resistant Enterococcus faecium - what have we learnt
1030   Deborah Williamson | Doherty Institute, Melbourne, VIC Public health genomics: A new paradigm for infectious diseases surveillance

1100-1130   Coffee,Trade and Posters | Lake Room and Terrace

Session 2
  Parasitology | Chair: Keith Stanley
1130   Harsha Sheorey | St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, VIC Fine tuning the intestinal protozoa PCR in diagnostic laboratories
1200   Damien Stark | Sydpath, NSW Pathogenicity of Dientamoeba fragilis
1230   Rachel Knight | BioScreen Intestinal protozoa in an Australian population: A retrospective study.
1250   Arlo Upton | Labtests Auckland, NZ Introduction molecular method into faeces area of a community laboratory
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1305   Lunch, Trade and Posters | Lake Room and Terrace
Lunches sponsored by bioMérieux

Session 3
  Sequencing in diagnostic pathology | Chair: Slade Jensen
1400   Randall J. Olsen | Houston Methodist, Houston, TX, USA Application of NGS in the Clinical Laboratory
1445   Kathryn Holt | University of Melbourne, VIC Genomic analysis of antimicrobial resistance in Klebsiella pneumoniae
1515   Lachlan Coin | University of Queensland, QLD MinION in diagnostics

1545-1615   Afternoon Tea,Trade and Posters| Lake Room and Terrace

Session 4
  STIs | Chair: Sally Dubedat
1615   Peter Lowe | Hologic
Mycoplasma genitalium – evidence as an STI; epidemiology and automated testing
1630   Colin Denver | Speedx Multiplex assay for simultaneous detection of Mycoplasma genitalium and macrolide resistance
1645   Damian Pavlik | Sullivan Nicolaides Gram Free BV - Molecular Diagnosis in Community Specimens
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1700   Alex Carrera | St Vincent's Hospital Sydney, NSW Performance Evaluation of The GeneXpert HIV-1 Quant Assay For Detection of HIV-1 in Plasma
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1715   Colin Pham | St Vincents Hospital, Melbourne, VIC Confirmation of N.gonorrhoeae positives
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    Posters and Exhibition
1730-   Drinks and Canapés with the Exhibition and Posters | Lake Room and Sunset Terrace

Thursday, March 3, 2016
Sessions are held in the Pond Rooms; Posters are housed with the Exhibition in the Lakeside Room.

0830   Registration desk open, Arrival coffee

Session 5
  HPV and Cancer | Chair: Dmitry Kuevda
0900   Karen Canfell | Cancer Council NSW HPV screening program
0930   Tony Field | Heathscope HPV Testing – Warts ‘n’ All
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Abbott Molecular
0945   Frank Rooney | VelaDx Advances in infectious and microbiology testing

1000-1030   Coffee,Trade and Posters | Lake Room and Terrace

Session 6
  Gut Microbiome | Chair: Jo Mercer
1030   Martyn Kirk | ANU, ACT Epidemiology of Enteric infections
1100   Stephen Baker | Oxford, UK; WHO Vietnam Enteric infections
1145   Mark Morrison | University of Queensland, QLD Gastrointestinal microbiota in health and inflammatory bowel disease
1215   Lee Smith | AusDx Novel species detected by molecular diagnostics

1230-1330   Lunch, Trade and Posters | Lake Room and Terrace
Lunches sponsored by bioMérieux

Session 7
  Genomics | Chair: Kathryn Holt
1330   Nouri Ben Zakour | University of Queensland, QLD Genome evolution and global epidemiology of major clinically relevant pathogens
1400   Aaron Darling | University of Technology, Sydney, NSW Resolving the genotypes of strain mixtures in human gut metagenomic data

1430-1500   Afternoon Tea,Trade and Posters | Lake Room and Terrace

Session 8
1500 - 1645
  Respiratory Pathogens and potential threats | Chair: Keith Stanley
1500   Alyssa Pyke | QLD Health, Public and Environmental Health – Virology The biting edge – Zika virus and other threats
1530   Bill Rawlinson | UNSW, Sydney, NSW Respiratory viruses, asthma, ICU and infection
1600   Ruiting Lan | UNSW, Sydney, NSW Pertussis resurgence: acellular vaccine immunity and pathogen adaptation
1630   Terri Sivertsen | Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology Utilising an automated molecular solution to solve a traditional problem
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1645   Matthew Wynn | Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney Real-time PCR detection of Human Rhinoviruses
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1700   Return bus to Sydney Airport