Abstracts and Posters

Please consider if you have data of interest to other delegates and enter an abstract, or you can email us with your intent to submit an abstract.


  1. Submitted on-line with registration
  2. No formatting is required. Enter text-only
  3. Your topic should be around the themes of the meeting



  1. Posters are housed with the Exhibition and refreshments
  2. Posters should be PORTRAIT orientation and AO or A1 in size. Multiple A4 page posters should fit together within the above dimensions.
  3. Abstracts are numbered in the Printed Program and correspondingly numbered boards are located in the Exhibition Suite.
  4. Velcro dots are provided on the numbered boards.
  5. Hang your Posters at the commencement of the meeting.
  6. Removal of Posters is by the end of Thursday's program
  7. The organisers take no responsibility for Posters not removed by the given time.